About Us

I’m a freelance journalist, copywriter and content editor. I'm experienced as a video editor, social media specialist and marketing communication consultant, as well.

I’m contributing to Ne Haber UK, Turkish British Magazine,, News Lab Turkey, Hurriyet Kitap Sanat, Milliyet Kitap & Milliyet Sanat, gazeteduvaR, İyi Kitap, Medyapod and Appen Global. Also, I'm volunteer communication officer on Europride.

My works publishing under the name of "Nida Dinçtürk".

I believe in the power of the words!

Discover more about my clients, nose around on my LinkedIn page or drop me an email to talk about how I can help you with your latest project.

Our Services

What We Do?


-Writing article

Copywriting & Content Editor

-Brand stories
-Product descriptions
-Brochures and flyers
-Web sites and menus
-Web sites and menus-Speacial content for celebrations and promotions
-Script writing

Social Media Services

-Social media strategy
-Content for Facebook, instagram and Twitter
-Google Analytics
-Preparing publish schedule

Marketing Communication Consultancy

-Corporate brand identity
-Media relationship coordination
-Press release writing

Production services

-Video shooting
-Video editing


-Translate from Turkish to English
-Translate from English to Turkish

*I can work in Turkish and English

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